Right Click Server

Right Click Server is a subsidiary of Right Click sal.
Our roots go back over a decade in the hosting industry with a combined staff experience of over 10 years. We enable individuals and businesses to acquire and create their unique identities and brands on the internet by offering domain name registration, web hosting, web design, SSL certificates and complimentary products and services. Our mission is to give our valued customers outstanding support and reliable hosting with many features at an affordable price.


More than just a top 10 ICANN accredited registrar, we offer a wide menu of enhanced domain name solutions - all focused on getting you the right domain, privacy and security. We treat your domain names like valuable business and personal assets.

We offer only the top of the line servers using the highest quality components. If your site demands peak uptime you will love our failover cpanel hosting.

We help you know where you stand. We automatically track your ranking on top search engines to let you know if you're up, down or out. Rank matters - 75% of users never go past page two of search engine lists and engines frequently drop listings. Therefore you've got to rank, and stay, in the top 40 to drive traffic to your site. So, use us to make sure that your rankings are on the rise.