We believe we will continue to expand and absorb the competition through our value added services and personal attention. No matter what our size one thing remains true, our dedication to the clients, be it 1 or 1,000,000.

Founded in 1998 by Right Click sal, Right Click Server gradually grew with the focus on exceptional service and support. In short we help businesses grow and thrive online. Our services have expanded to include web development, digital marketing, wordpress maintenance, domain names, and backup services. Today Right Click Server is among the most well respected and well known web hosting providers in the region.

Core Values.

What Our Clients Say

Decades of client satisfaction rating prove we know how to deliver successful business websites.
Their cloud solutions can scale on demand to deliver power and resources to any application. They operate multiple clouds across multiple datacenters for the ultimate in cloud fail-over hosting and high-availability hosting.
Samira Younes
We as small businesses have trusted their storefront, data, websites, servers, email, and business development for over 15 years! Their specialized business hosting plans provide all the addons and additional services a small business needs to be successful online.
Daniel Khoury
Looking for WordPress experts? You found them here. They can build, serve, maintain, update, and customize any level of WordPress addons, themes, websites, and e-Commerce solutions. Their Cloud WordPress Hosting solution is constantly ranked among the best in the industry.
Mark Doumit
Their development platform supports the most popular frameworks and languages, from Ruby on Rails and Perl/cgi to Python, PHP5 & 7, and many more. Available on both Windows and many Linux distributions, their hosting server guarantees exceptional speed, service, and support for any variety of user applications.
Josiane Mdawar

Have a Project on mind?

Starting a new project is always an exciting time, the pursuit of creating something new, something unique. We'd love to hear about it and we are standing by to respond as quickly as possible.

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